Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 10 - 'Kancha' kids

Today is the last day of our trip. We haven’t realized how days have gone by. Today, it was different from our usual schedule. We divided ourselves into groups.

I, Suniti Ma’m, Hardik, Ria, Dharmesh, Ashish went for shopping for our exhibition and others went to meet a Punjabi Toda, Tarun Chabra. We went to ‘Green shop’ to buy things and then to the main market. We met Danesh (a Kota boy) there who had come to help us. We had lunch and parceled it for others too. Hardik led us to walk till the parking area with a whole lot of stuffs which we bought.

In the noon, we headed towards ‘Sholur’; a beautiful traditional Kota village. The way to Sholur was full of tea plantation and stunning green patches of grass on mountains. After almost 10 years I played ‘Kancha’ (a game played with glass balls usually called as 'gotti' in Maharashtra). With those kids I also became one...and realized that with time we forget ourselves. We also tried to learn the art of pottery making and no one from us can beat Hardik in this art.

In the excitement of visiting Sholur, some of us forgot to have lunch, so we had lunch between a beautiful forest at around 6:30 pm way back from Sholur.

Hemlata Jaitawat

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  1. Goti Goti Goti.. hahaha.. it was real fun playing marbles with the kids and cheating the apponents on their home ground.. Molding the clay into a pot was a wonderful experience.. "Hoo Hoo Baaaa."